Quested Monitoring

Quested Monitoring



Профессиональные студийные мониторы QUESTED Monitoring Systems (Англия)



"I would trust no other brand to provide me with a truthful and accurate representation of my music"

Композитор Гарри Грегсон-Уильямс (Harry Gregson-Williams)

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"I have used Quested speakers since 1986, 150 movies later, still no complaints"

Композитор Ханс Циммер (Hans Zimmer)


"I love the V2018's. I find mixing so much easier on them. They have a beautiful, well-defined bass response. The mids are clear, and I'm always happy with the top end. Just a good balance over all. I even love tracking bass through them. These monitors are making my life easier and music sounds like music. Alive and organic"

Басист Мартин Ленобль (Martyn Le Noble)