Adamson - линейные массивы - акустические системы - звуковые комплексы

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Компания Adamson Systems Engineering (Канада) - разработка и производство линейных массивов, акустических систем и звуковых комплексов.

С 1983 года Adamson Systems Engineering – один из лидеров в рейтингах производителей прокатного и инсталляционного звукового оборудования. Adamson - высокотехнологичная инжиниринговая компания, которая всегда делает основную ставку на оригинальные конструкторские решения. Многие разработки специалистов Adamson сформировали лицо современной индустрии профессионального звукоусиления. Главная задача компании Adamson - достижение максимальной естественности звучания. Adamson использует собственные запатентованные громкоговорители и технологии. Продукция Adamson хороша для любой музыки: все и всегда звучит прозрачно и чисто даже при самых высоких уровнях громкости.

Качество, надежность и инновационный подход — вот три кита авторитетной репутации Adamson в мире профессионального звука.



"Probably the best PA I've used in my career so far."

Jon Lemon, FOH - Smashing Pumpkins, Janet Jackson, Ray LaMontagne

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"The clarity is impeccable. I rank it number one."

Kyle Hamilton, FOH - Pharrell Williams, Rihanna


"The best delivery of high-mid I hear today."

Paul (PAB) Boothroyd, FOH - Paul McCartney, AC/DC


"That Adamson PA will capture every single thing you throw at it and output it that way exactly, no hesitation. I'm a huge fan."

Shawn London | FOH - Eagles of Death Metal


"The E119 is probably one of the best subs I have used, ever. It is mind blowing how much power consistently comes out of those boxes."

Tom Wood, FOH engineer - Shawn Mendes


"Adamson is my first choice worldwide for the most powerful and musical impact."

Scott Eisenberg, FOH - Imagine Dragons


"The low end capabilities from the flown rig and flown subs were about as big as I've heard."

Chris Rabold, FOH - Lady Gaga


"The high end of this PA is one of the clearest and smoothest I've ever heard"

Demetrius Moore, FOH - Drake


"For the next tour with Mr. Brown I'm requesting Adamson"

Gordon Mack, FOH - Chris Brown, Justin Bieber


"Impressively smooth from near to far field"

Hassan (Hass) Siahi, FOH - David Guetta


"Adamson has made a name for itself. I would definitely tour with this box"

Tim Colvard, FOH - Madonna, Lionel Richie


"There are no holes in the frequency response of this PA"

Bruce Reiter, FOH - Five Finger Death Punch


"It's the best system on the market"

Shawn London, FOH - Eagles of Death Metal


"It sounds the way music should sound"

Joe Harling, FOH - Ellie Goulding


"Mixing on the E-Series for the first time- I was blown away"

Ben "Snake" Schmitt, FOH - Kip Moore


"105 dB at FOH and there was no pain and no distortion"

Craig Overbay, FOH - Weezer


"It's the best system in the world"

Didier Thery, FOH - Shaka Ponk


"Nothing else comes even close"

Tim Schad, Production Manager - John Fogerty


"(Adamson) makes products one step above everyone else- E15 is no exception" Patrick Demoustier, FOH - Night Of The Proms "Beautiful mids and a nice tight bottom end"

Alice Wilder, FOH - M.I.A


"Watch out, there is a new kid on the block, and he is a bad ass"

Ken "Pooch Van Druten, FOH - Linkin Park


"A very versatile and powerful rig"

Bryan "Froggy" Cross, FOH - Sublime with Rome


"The rig is very smooth but it still cuts through"

Jim Young, FOH - Coheed and Cambria


"Incredible power and pure audio quality"

Joel Lonky, FOH - Rob Zombie


"Great sounding system, I'll be asking for it again"

Enda Walsh, FOH - Van Morrison


"Amazingly powerful and exciting to mix on, a box with real weight, speed and detail, and seemingly endless headroom"

Jon Brooks, FOH - The Australian Pink Floyd Show